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has been started by people who live & breathe education. It is started with the motto – “Democratizing Education, Simplifying knowledge.”  Ethmos Institute was informally started around 3 years back when a group of public servants decided to give back to society what they had received. They started giving free guidance and mentoring sessions to students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society free of cost. The guidance and mentoring provided by them fructified and the students who had never got a chance to attend a good school or college in their lives started clearing national level competitive exams like that of Banking, Insurance, and Public Service Commission. Of course, the dedication and hard-work of the students was the prime factor behind their success and we were acting just like a catalyst.

But what was unique in this success story was the unique didactic approach to training the untrained novice students into expert exam-crackers.  The "prime mentors" of Ethmos mastered this approach after various cycles of testing, trials, and errors and were finally able to develop a methodology of teaching/training/mentoring wherein you would be able to train any person in anything using the technique of multiple directed and targeted assessments which would plug specific knowledge and skill gaps after completion of each training-assessment-mentoring cycle.  The technique was refined further and that was the birth of Ethmos Institute.

We at Ethmos ensure that you do not have to do any regular spoon-feeding coaching and that you can very well clear any competitive exams or succeed in any entrepreneurial venture by following our mentoring pedagogy.  And that too at the most affordable investments.  So join us in your path to success...


ETHMOS INSTITUTE PVT. LTD. 301 Sahajanand Complex
New CG Rd Chandkheda
Ahmedabad Gujarat 382424
Phone: 9265333472


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